call [n1] yelled statement alarm, calling, command, cry, hail, holler*, scream, shout, signal, whoop, yawp, yell; concept 278 call [n2] demand, announcement appeal, bidding, command, invitation, notice, order, plea, proposal, request, solicitation, subpoena, summons, supplication, visit; concept 53 call [n3] need, cause for action claim, excuse, grounds, justification, necessity, obligation, occasion, reason, right, urge; concept 709 call [n4] normal sound of animal cheep, chirp, cry, note, peep, roar, shriek, song, tweet, twitter, warble; concept 64 call [v1] yell declaration announce, arouse, awaken, bawl, bellow, cry, cry out, exclaim, hail, holler*, hoot, howl, proclaim, roar, rouse, scream, screech, shout, shriek, vociferate, waken, whoop, yawp*, yoo hoo*, yowl; concept 47 —Ant. conceal, listen, refrain call [v2] arrange meeting ask, assemble, bid, collect, contact, convene, convoke, gather, invite, muster, phone*, rally, request, ring up, subpoena, summon, telephone; concept 114 —Ant. cancel, stop call [v3] entitle address, baptize, christen, denominate, describe as, designate, dub, label, name, style, term, title; concept 62 call [v4] demand or announce action appeal to, appoint, ask, challenge, charge, claim, command, declare, decree, elect, entreat, exact, ordain, order, postulate, pray to, proclaim, require, requisition, set apart, solicit, summon; concept 53 —Ant. stop call [v5] estimate, consider adumbrate, approximate, augur, forecast, foretell, guess, judge, make rough guess, place, portend, predict, presage, prognosticate, prophesy, put, reckon, regard, think, vaticinate; concepts 28,70 —Ant. ignore call [v6] attempt to communicate by telephone beep, blast*, bleep, buzz, contact, get back to*, phone, ring, telephone; concepts 74,266 —Ant. receive call [v7] visit at residence or business come by, come over, crash, drop by, drop in, fall by, fall down, hit, look in on, look up, play, pop in*, run in, see, stop by, stop in, swing by; concept 227

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